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Made to measure garden offices and log cabins

Prices for bespoke log cabins are based on timber volume and on average prices are around 50% more expensive than standard kit prices (to cover design/drawing costs and the packing costs as bespoke models have to be packed by hand). Most bespoke cabins are manufactured in 44mm logs with premium windows and doors.

We offer bespoke designed log cabins based on most log cabin kit models or can build a completely unique design based on a sketch you send to us.

Whether it is based on an existing garden building or a sketch on the back of an envelope we can help you turn it into your unique log cabin building.

Below is an example of a tailor made shower and toilet block for a customer looking for a toilet and utility area for a campsite.

shower block log cabin plans

On receiving an initial drawing from the customer we can produce 3D CAD drawings for initial discussions to finalise the fundamental details.

Bespoke log cabin 3D plans

Log cabins - Bespoke plans

We can then submit drawings to our factory to establish costings for your project.

On acceptance of our quotation we then prepare formal manufacturing drawings using CAD/CAM software and on the clients final approval manufacturing can begin.

With bespoke log cabins you have the option to add extra windows, change the size, change the wall thickness and reduce the ridge height to meet new planning rules. Perfect for creating a home office to suit all your requirements.

As standard our bespoke log cabin range is made with 44 or 68mm walls and supplied with double glazed windows and doors.

Twin-walled log cabins with optional cavity size

Twin walled cabins are an option with variable cavity sizes to accommodate different levels of insulation. With Twin wall cabins the options vary for both cavity and wall thickness from the standard 50mm cavity 44-50-44 to 44-80-44, 68-50-68 or 68-80-68.

The larger 80mm cavity is ideal for log cabins which need to meet building regulation standards for wall insulation.

The best bit is, even though they are unique designs, we can often match the prices of similar sized models from our standard range and the lead time for delivery is only slightly longer typically within 6 weeks of final approval.

Simply send a sketch and/or your comments via our contact page and we can provide a free no-obligation quotation.

We can supply bespoke log cabins for self assembly or if you would like some or all of the options of our complete installation service we can quote for these at the same time.