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Laminated and real wood flooring

Most of our cabins come with a standard 19mm tongue and groove floor. Whilst this may be adequate for uses such as a workshop, sauna, or games room you may be tempted to upgrade for other uses.

Laminate and real wood floors are ideal for fitting above our underfloor heating system.

Insulating the floor of your log cabin will reduce heat loss quite significantly. We use celotex insulation with either laminate flooring, real wood flooring or thick plywood above for carpeting.

In some cases insulation can be fitted between the floor joists but with several models insulation is fitted above the standard floor and therefore requires a final floor covering.

This creates a sub-floor of 19mm Tongue and groove, 50mm Celotex insulation board and finally your choice of floor covering above. Please refer to any cabin page to view the costs of our insulation options.

For more information on insulating your garden office or log cabin please look at the log cabin insulation section.

Laminate flooring costs for all of our log cabin range are detailed on every cabin product page. If you would prefer a higher quality real wood floor we can supply Wickes Real Wood floors at cost price.

Garden Office - Flooring

We can supply a range of laminate and real wood flooring types though either Magnet Trade or Wickes.

If you would prefer to supply your own floor covering there is the option for us to fit it with an installation cost of £8 per square metre.