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Cat 5e Networking

By far the easiest and most cost effective way of getting broadband to your cabin is to purchase a home plug or TP link internet connection kit. They consist of a plug which is connected next to your router which transmits the signal through the existing electrical cabling in your home to a second plug which can be installed anywhere in your home or cabin. Typically these kits cost around £40-£50 and provide ample broadband speed for most customers.

If you try a home plug kit but find the speedinadequate for your needs we recommend installation of a fixed line (cat 5e cable) from your existing broadband internet service (router) to your log cabin.

Garden Office - Networking

Network connection services include:

  • Drilling exterior wall to fit cable in your home.
  • Modem connection.
  • Laying conduit and cable from your home to your garden office.
  • Installing a network socket in your cabin.

garden office - network connection

Cable is placed in conduit to provide additional prtotection particularly if the cable is to be placed in a trench or fized to garden fencing. Typical costs are approximately £200- 250 depending on the site location and final costs would be subject to a site visit by the installer.

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