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Sheds for sale in the UK

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Garden cabins from Cabin living are carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for year round use. For our full range of log cabin kits for sale select the link above.

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We offer options to insulate the ceiling and floor as well as extra features such as electrical connection. Simply pick a log cabin to view the pricing for all these options.

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Further options such as laminate floors are available on request. Please contact us NOW on 01380 819288 for further details.

Ragnar 2sqm Shed 2.29m x 0.95m
Our Price £500
Leif 2.2sqm Shed 2.34m x 0.95m
Our Price £535
Leif 3.1sqm Shed 1.83m x 1.7m
Our Price £755
2000 SideStore ™ Shed 1.2m x 2m
Our Price £880
SideStore ™ Shed 1.5m x 2m
Our Price £880
Dan 4.6sqm Shed 2.43m x 1.9m
Our Price £930
Leif 4.2sqm Shed 2.73m x 1.7m
Our Price £950
2600 SideStore ™ Shed 1.4m x 2.6m
Our Price £960
SideStore ™ Shed 1.5m x 2.5m
Our Price £960
Nils 5.4sqm Shed 2.33m x 2.39m
Our Price £1100
Dan 7.7sqm Shed 2.73m x 2.8m
Our Price £1150
Vivian 3.8sqm Shed 2m x 2m
Our Price £1170
Klara 4.7sqm Shed 2.77m x 1.8m
Our Price £1200
Mary 4.8sqm Shed 2.5m x 2m
Our Price £1260
Emma 4.6sqm Shed 2.4m x 2m
Our Price £1330
Mary 5.7sqm Shed 3m x 2m
Our Price £1370
Nils 8.2sqm Shed 3.48m x 2.39m
Our Price £1400
Ella 6.9sqm Shed 2.4m x 3m
Our Price £1400
Lotta 7.3sqm Shed 2.75m x 2.75m
Our Price £1420
Thomas PT01 Shed 1.8m x 1.8m
Our Price £1425
Ralf 7.3sqm Shed 2.76m x 2.76m
Our Price £1450
Lara 6.0sqm Shed 2.5m x 2.5m
Our Price £1450
Dan 10.0sqm Shed 2.73m x 3.7m
Our Price £1470
Leif 7.3sqm Shed 2.75m x 2.75m
Our Price £1480
Ralf 9.6sqm Shed 2.76m x 3.6m
Our Price £1600
Nils 12.1sqm Shed 3.48m x 3.54m
Our Price £1700
Dan 14.2sqm Shed 2.73m x 5.5m
Our Price £1770
Jari 8.9sqm Shed 3.9m x 2.4m
Our Price £1950
Tuvalu 1 Shed 3.6m x 1.75m
Our Price £2140
Olaf 6.6sqm Shed 3.44m x 2.21m
Our Price £2150
Kalle 6.6sqm Shed 3.44m x 2.21m
Our Price £2250
Jari 14.5sqm Shed 5m x 3m
Our Price £2460
Tuvalu 2 Shed 4m x 3m
Our Price £2490
Olaf 13.5sqm Shed 4.52m x 3.3m
Our Price £3050
Kalle 13.5sqm Shed 4.52m x 3.3m
Our Price £3150
Olaf 16.9sqm Shed 5.61m x 3.3m
Our Price £3450