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Lasita garden offices for sale in the UK

Select a Lasita garden office from the range below to view full details, plans, prices and detailed pricing for all our main installation options.

Garden cabins from Cabin living are carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for year round use. For our full range of log cabin kits for sale select the link above.

Cabin Living offer a nationwide delivery and installation service.

We offer options to insulate the ceiling and floor as well as extra features such as electrical connection. Simply pick a log cabin to view the pricing for all these options.

There are no hidden delivery costs.

Further options such as exterior painting and laminate floors are available on request. Please contact us NOW on 01380 819288 for further details.

Oban 40 log cabin 2.4m x 2.4m
Our Price £2350
Edinburgh 1 log cabin 2.8m x 2.8m
Our Price £2695
Carlisle log cabin 3.5m x 3m
Our Price £2700
Aruba 1 log cabin 3m x 3m
Our Price £2770
Alex log cabin 3m x 2.5m
Our Price £2845
Dorset log cabin 3.9m x 2.5m
Our Price £2955
Barbados Mini log cabin 3.3m x 2.4m
Our Price £3000
Alex Mini log cabin 2.5m x 2m
Our Price £3100
Kensington log cabin 4m x 2.5m
Our Price £3100
Dorset 3 log cabin 5m x 3.9m
Our Price £3295
Edinburgh 2 log cabin 4.48m x 2.8m
Our Price £3300
Jubilee log cabin 3.5m x 3m
Our Price £3300
Wrexham 1 log cabin 3.9m x 2.4m
Our Price £3300
Pembrokeshire 53 log cabin 4.8m x 2.8m
Our Price £3550
Hampshire log cabin 4.2m x 3m
Our Price £3615
Portsmouth log cabin 4m x 4m
Our Price £3685
Alexandra log cabin 3m x 4.8m
Our Price £3700
Shetland 44 log cabin 5.75m x 3m
Our Price £3795
Baruda 53 log cabin 5.1m x 3.3m
Our Price £3880
Wrexham 2 log cabin 4.85m x 3m
Our Price £4100
Sussex 1 log cabin 3.9m x 3m
Our Price £4155
Chameleon 44 log cabin 4.5m x 3m
Our Price £4200
Rivera 44 log cabin 3.5m x 3.03m
Our Price £4300
Barbados 6 log cabin 5.69m x 3.59m
Our Price £4600
Windsor 44 log cabin 4m x 3m
Our Price £4895
Elgin 44 log cabin 4.8m x 3.6m
Our Price £4900
Sussex 2 log cabin 5.7m x 3.6m
Our Price £5540
Brighton 44 log cabin 5.2m x 3.7m
Our Price £6000
Aruba 2 log cabin 4.5m x 3m
Our Price £6300
Barbados 2 log cabin 5.19m x 3.39m
Our Price £6595
Balmoral log cabin 5.3m x 3.8m
Our Price £7200
Barbados 5 log cabin 5.19m x 3.99m
Our Price £7810
Montrose 44 log cabin 5.75m x 3.7m
Our Price £7895
Shetland 2 log cabin 6m x 3m
Our Price £8500
Dundee 44 log cabin 5.75m x 3.7m
Our Price £8795
Java 44 log cabin 6.08m x 3.9m
Our Price £11000