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Insulating log cabins and garden office buildings

To make your Log cabin comfortable throughout the seasons it is recommended that you insulate the roof and floor which accounts for 70% of the heat loss from your log cabin.

I already have a garden office and would like it insulated. Do Cabin Living offer an insulation service for an existing garden cabin?

Yes, our insulation service is available for all customers looking to upgrade existing garden cabins.

We can insulate every garden cabin in our product range. Pricing for wall and floor insulation is shown in the guide prices on every product page. Prices are based on surface area using 50mm Celotex of Kingspan insulation in the ceiling and floor.

log cabin insulationgarden office insulation

Celotex or Kingspan insulation - ideal for creating a well insulated Garden Office.

Clearly choosing a garden office with double glazing and a wall thickness of at least 34mm will also improve the thermal performance that is why our garden office range is focussed on log cabins of at least this wall thickness.

Wall insulation

With our bespoke design service we build 44mm wall cabins or thicker with double glazing and if required we can build 44+50+44mm (twin walled) log cabins allowing insulation to be inserted between the walls.

Twin walled cabins are an option with variable cavity sizes to accommodate different levels of insulation. With Twin wall cabins the options vary for both cavity and wall thickness from the standard 50mm cavity 44-50-44 to 44-80-44, 68-50-68 or 68-80-68.

The larger 80mm cavity is ideal for log cabins which need to meet building regulation standards for wall insulation.

Double wall insulation

The picture above of the Gloucester log cabin with 70mm Celotex insulation.

Ceiling insulation

We are unique in offering Garden office insulation to our entire product range. We use 50mm Celotex or Kingspan insulation and fit timber or plasterboard between the roof joists as shown below.

Floor insulation

For year round use as a garden office the floor insulation we recommend is 50mm thick celotex or kingspan insulation underneath either a laminate floor or alternatively 18mm plywood, ideal for carpet tiles etc.

insulated garden offices