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Supply and Fitting cost of Underfloor heating for use under laminate floors

Underfloor heating installed costs £60 including VAT per square metre. The electronic thermostat costs £100 including VAT.

So for a typical internal floor area of 3m x 4m cabin the supply and fit cost will be:

12 x £60 + £100 for the thermostat making a total of £820.(Prices include VAT)

These prices would also include connection to a fused spur as part of any full electrical installation by one of our qualified electricians.


If you are looking to buy underfloor heating, supply only (no installation service), for your home or garden room we can help you calculate the area required and can often arrange next day delivery.

Our kits include a touchscreen digital thermostat, insulation material if required and foil underfloor heating mat suitable for laminate or real wood floorings up to 18mm thick.

Please Call 01380 819288 for a free quote.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst laying the underfloor heating mat and final floor covering is relatively easy diy project it must be tackled carefully to avoid damaging the cabing in the mat and final connection to your house supply through a fused 3amp spur must be made by a fully qualified electrician.

underfloor heating kits for sale

Supply Only Prices with FREE Next Day Delivery

(Does not include Installation)

Underfloor Heating Kits Total Wattage Normal Price Supply only Price
Foil Kit System 1.0m2
150 £222.99 £185.83
Foil Kit System 1.5m2
225 £252.25 £201.80
Foil Kit System 2.0m2
300 £262.26 £209.81
Foil Kit System 3.0m2
450 £292.51 £243.76
Foil Kit System 3.5m2
525 £329.67 £263.74
Foil Kit System 4.0m2
600 £354.65 £283.72
Foil Kit System 5.0m2
750 £407.09 £325.67
Foil Kit System 6.0m2
900 £457.07 £365.65
Foil Kit System 7.0m2
1050 £506.99 £405.59
Foil Kit System 8.0m2
1200 £561.96 £449.57
Foil Kit System 9.0m2
1350 £611.89 £489.51
Foil Kit System 10m2
1500 £661.84 £529.47
Foil Kit System 11m2
1650 £711.81 £569.45
Foil Kit System 12m2
1800 £761.74 £609.39
Foil Kit System 13m2
1950 £811.69 £649.35
Foil Kit System 14m2
2100 £861.66 £689.33
Foil Kit System 15m2
2250 £899.10 £719.28
Foil Kit System 16m2
2400 £961.54 £769.23
Foil Kit System 17m2
2550 £1,011.51 £809.21
Foil Kit System 18m2
2770 £1,061.44 £849.15
Foil Kit System 19m2
2850 £1,111.39 £889.11
Foil Kit System 20m2
3000 £1,161.36 £929.09

Kit Prices include underfloor heating mat, a touch screen digital thermostat and either a 10sqm or 20sqm roll of insulation depending on the size of system.

Heating your log cabin

How to heat your log cabin:

A standalone electric heater or underfloor heating?

For a comfortable steady heat we recommend underfloor heating. The main advantage is you have a much more controllable heat which provides heat where it is most needed.

Most experienced "shedworkers" will tell you the place they feel the cold is in their feet. The reason being standalone heaters may heat the air in your log cabin but this heat will rise and although your head may feel warm your feet will feel cold.

The advantage of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating spreads the heat evenly across the floor and gently warms the room providing the perfect heating method and due to to the efficiency of heating using this system you will find you need to use it less than a standalone heater.

Underfloor heating is controlled by an electronic thermostat which allows you to set both the temperature and the times you would like to heat your log cabin.

heating garden office

Underfloor heating can be added to any of our log cabins. We would recommend combining this with floor insulation to maximise the benefit of this system.

Log Cabin - Underfloor heating

Standalone heaters have the advantage of being cheaper in the first instance and will heat the air in your cabin quite well particularly if you have opted for our insulation package.

However, standalone oil or convector heaters will not direct the heat to where it is most needed and may lead to increased energy bills as you try to warm up your feet!

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