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There are two options for roof covering either Bitumen Roof shingles or EPDM rubber roofs

Bitumen Roof Tiles - Asphalt Roof Shingles

Looking to buy bitumen roof tiles with UK home delivery?

Cabin Living supply Bitumen roof tiles with direct delivery to your door at a cost of £15 per square metre with a £80 delivery charge.

For example: 15sqm of roof tiles for £225 + £80 delivery

Each pack will cover 3sqm. So in this example 5 packs would be needed

All prices include VAT

Free delivery and discounts for larger orders. Please call now on 01380 819288 or contact us for discounted roof shingle prices on orders over 30sqm.

There are essentially two types of bitumen roof shingles to choose from for your garden room:

The hexagonal type known as “Hexham” or the rectangular type known as the “Bourne” both of which are available in grey, green or red. Please state your preference when placing your cabin order.


log cabin - roofing log cabin - bitumen roof  bitumen roof shingles garden office - roofing bitumen roof tiles garden office bitumen roof tiles

Roof shingles can dramatically enhance the appearance of your log cabin and also due to the method of overlapping each tile provides a second layer of protection for your roof.

Compare the alternative and we think you will agree.

shed roofing

quality bitumen roof tiles

We have no hesitation in recommending them to all our customers.

Widely used on the continent and Northern America bitumen roof shingles are guaranteed long lasting protection.

EPDM rubber roofs for flat roofs

Our default choice for flatter roofs. EPDM rubber roofs come as a complete kit with one rubber roofing sheet big enough to cover the entire roof. The kit also includes PVA adhesive, contact adhesive (for the edges) and a roller kit to apply the adhesive to the roof boards. Guaranteed for 50 years, Rubber roofs offer the perfect solution for flatter roofed models particularly our pent roof range such as the Barbados and Dorset.

Need to buy a EPDM rubber roof for your log cabin?

We can order and deliver an EPDM rubber roof within 48 hours of receiving your order.

Please contact us by email or call us NOW on 01380 819288 to place your order.

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