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Sometimes we are asked if we install log cabins supplied by other companies. The short answer is Yes we do!

It does mean however that we are relying on another company to supply the right components. We were somewhat surprised when we arrived on site and found this cabin was supplied without the glass. The company that supplied it (who shall remain nameless) were also surprised when they did finally get round to answering the phone.


This log cabin was sitting outside for some time prior to assembly as the purchasers couldnt find anyone prepared to build it. With joiners walking off site when they saw it and others saying it could take weeks to build.

When we were contacted the customer was pleasantly surpised to ind out we could do it and that it would only take three days to complete.


We should point out it is not a good idea to have a cabin sitting around on site for weeks or months prior to building it as the timbers will swell and warp as they take on moisture making assembly slightly more challenging. Basically if you can assemble your log cabin a day or two after delivery then this is ideal.

log cabin southport 1

So conclusion of day one we have the basic framework of the log cabin in place. Despite a few time consuming timbers that were reluctant to go together we are pretty much on schedule.

logcabin southport

Conclusion of day two and we have installed the tongue and groove roofing, fitted the flooring during one of several downpours and then when the sun came back out we installed the bitumen roof shingles.

st helens

And so day three dawns and it is a question of fitting the windows and doors, fitting the decking and finishing timbers.


The timber has certainly not benefited from being stored in damp conditions for so long and is certainly not something we would recommended.

However an application of preservative will ensure this log cabin is a great addition to the garden.


So please don't delay if you need a log cabin installer to build a log cabin or garden office building in your garden contact us


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