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Toilets in a log cabin

One enquiry we often get is can you fit a toilet in a log cabin or garden office. The answer is yes. In this case there are four!

One of our final projects of 2010 was the installation of a log cabin to be used as a guest toilet block on the premises of Living Props Ltd a company specialising in landscape props and plants for Pinewood studios, films, TV and major shop displays.

Features include:

4 toilets, 4 toilet cubicles, 2 sinks, Underfloor heating, Water resistant laminate flooring, Floor and Ceiling insulation, Double glazed windows and doors, central partition, seperate access for ladies and gents.

The living props team prepared the ground including hard core and had already placed a septic tank close to the cabin base.

The concrete base was tackled in two phases completing the central portion of the base first on day one followed by the wings and decking area supports on day two.

Cabin arrival and time to sort the timbers into their various lengths ready to start building.

Pressure treated floor bearers are laid first and damp proof membrane is attached prior to the first wall logs being positioned.

Following wall assembly the roof boards are fixed to cover the building interior

Day two of the cabin build itself and it is necessary to build the decking area to add the porch support timbers which then makes it possible to fit the remianing roof boards.

Roof complete just before another snowfall.

Ready to start work on the inside which is welcome considering the conditions outside!

50mm thick insulation for the floor.

Similarly 50mm thick insulation is added to the ceiling and plasterboard is fized to battens between the roof joists. Leaving some exposed roof joists are in our opinion a more attractive feature than boarding right over the top.

New for 2011 we now have a Winchester log cabin complete with integral central partition but in this case the partition was added as part of the installation process to create the ladies and gents toilet areas.

Toilet cubicles supplied via NFC Contracts

Under floor heating and water resistant, thick oak laminate flooring is fitted prior to adding the toilets and cubicles.

The heavy snow that grounded flights at Heathrow just a few miles down the road!

Cabin complete other than a few bits of plumbing and electrical connection.

Toilets in log cabins and garden offices from Cabin Living

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