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Log Cabin Installations by Cabin living

Deatailed pricing for installation work is shown next to the details of every log cabin in our range.

A few examples of log cabins installed by Cabin Living can be viewed here:

Garden Office Installation in Dollar, Scotland

A lovely situation to install a garden office on this occasion with lovely mature trees and views along the River Devon.

Cabin delivered and time to transfer the timber to the base for assembly.

Plenty of pieces in the jigsaw.

Walls line up. with a low threshold cabin such as this you can use one of the rear wall logs to ensure the front walls either side of the door are in the correct position before fixing them to the floor joists.

Timber (spruce) stacked up and ready to go

Floor joists fitted with damp proof membrane to avoid rising damp.

Door frame assembled the windows can start to go in as the walls get higher.

A few gaps in the timber pile now.

Time to get out the steps as we get above comfortable working height.

Roof joists in place ready to fit the roof boards

A low angle roof so first of all we fit a good quality damp proof membrane.

Then we fit roofing felt with a healthy overlap in the layers

Finally we fit Onduline bitumen roofing sheets.

70mm screw fixings particularly for the triple overlapped sections.

A good overlap at the rear for guttering if necessary.

Picture perfect in this wonderful setting.

With almost any garden office building we recommend 50mm Celotex insulation fitted in the floor and ceiling. Ceilings are finished with plasterboard mounted between the roof joists to maintain the character of the log cabin.

Timber floor over the insulation.

Ready to install the underfloor heating and real wood flooring. More updates coming soon!

Log Cabin Installations by Cabin living

A few examples of the different types of log cabin installed by Cabin Living can be viewed here: